Dried Figs are grouped under the dried fruits and nuts family. This product initially originated in western Asia however it later increased in the Mediterranean. Figs come from a tree, which is called “Ficus Carica” . A dry and hot temperature is required geographically for this plant to grow and mature. The important point which must be considered in fig’s drying technique is to let fruits semi-dried on the fig tree and allow it to fall naturally. Picking fresh fig for drying could reduce final quality of product.

Product Specification

Dried Fig


Dried fig grade AAA 101

>22Light Yellow
Most dried fig in this grade (about 90 %) has open mouth.
Dried fig grade AA 10121-23Light Yellow
Some percentage of this grade has open mouth.
Dried fig grade AAA >23Light Yellow
This type is not 100% closed mouth,
it is considered as half open figs.
Dried fig grade AA+
21-23Light Yellow
This grade mostly has closed mouth (about 90%).
Dried fig grade A+18-21Light Yellow
Dried fig grade AA S21-23 Yellow
Dried fig grade A S18-21Yellow
Dried fig grade AA G21-23Dark Yellow
Dried fig grade A G18-21Dark Yellow